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A complete payment ecosystem under one roof, integration has never been so easy.
A Fintech platform that provides more effective solutions to financial institutions and enterprises

With our software integration, we introduce the smart payment terminals which allow businesses to process payments on the spot, print receipts only when needed, and best of all, access all the useful apps you need to help you accelerate your business.

A Revolutionary AI-enhanced
Digital ID Verification

e-KYC is an online AI solution that uses live facial recognition to map against the NRIC/passport to match the genuinity. It helps to verify customer identity online safely and effectively.

Through live detection, the platform can distinguish a fraudster from a genuine person through presentation attack detection (PAD) to prevent replay attacks.

Through face live detection user presence is checked and Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) is carried out. The service provider can be sure that the authenticating or registering person is no fraudster trying to fake the biometrics of a customer.

A Credit Scoring
for Individuals and SMEs

Passport uses your data to give you an idea of how do you look like in the eye of financial institutions in real time. It is totally secure and does not impact your credit scores no matter how many times you perform an instant scoring.

We assist individuals and SMEs to determine their financial standings by taking into consideration several factors in the scoring algorithm.

Credit score
Very good
Risk-Based Authentication
A Technology that protects against Security Breaches and Hackers

A risk profiling platform to complement fraud detection engines. Through machine learning, the platform determines the risk profile associated with a transaction to determine the complexity of the challenge.

Improving password security

Using strong passwords doesn’t mean that your user account is safe. Large-scale password database leaks and intelligent password guessing attacks can still compromise your accounts.

RBA is an approach to reduce the friction of online commerce.

Financial & AI Solutions
Financial Infrastructure
The FinTech way

At revenue, we heavily adopt technologies that are driven by AI, machine learning and advanced analytics where these emerging technologies are accelerating time-to-market, providing extraordinary operational efficiencies, and enabling superior customer experiences through personalization – all at a massive scale.

We do not only aim to improve the end user experience or to add additional capabilities, but to also fundamentally change the way our clients offer their services, i.e. through digital, and better risk management.

A.I. powered Chatbot by
Introducing Chatbots and A.I to engage your customers 24x7 and escalate them to your human agents when required is developed by a group of passionate AI, Chat and Messaging Technology experts who are trying to make the world a more convenient place to live in. We build AI driven technology to enable a wide spectrum of industries to perform more effectively and efficiently.

The leader in digital transformation

Wannatalk lets you engage your customers or employees through live chat on your Website, Mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Wechat, Telegram, Skype and other social media.

Local support in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Wannatalk can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Our diverse experience and presence in Southeast Asia in a variety of industries help us guide you effectively in the customer journey and take you to live in the shortest time possible.

Makes Payment Convenience & keeping your original card information at the safest Token Vault

Tokenization is more than just a security technology - it helps create smooth payment experiences and satisfied customers. Tokenization reduces risk from data breaches, helps foster trust with customers, minimizes red tape and drives technology behind popular payment services like mobile wallets.

Our Tokenization Service helps in
Reduces risk from data breaches

Tokenization helps protect businesses from the negative financial impacts from the event of data theft. Even in the event of a breach, there is simply isn’t any valuable personal data to be stolen. Tokenization cannot protect your businesses from a data breach, but it can reduce the financial impact from it.

Foster better trust with your customer

Beyond avoiding the worst case scenario of a data breach, using advanced security such as tokenisation fosters better customer trust. Consumers simple do not want their payment data falling into the wrong hands. Demonstrating a strong commitment to the security of customer data is a mantra within the company.


Businesses that accept credit and debit card need to be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Tokenization makes achieving and maintaining compliance with industry regulations significantly easier.

Drives payment innovations

The technology behind tokenization is essential to many of the ways we buy and sell today. From secure in-store point of sale acceptance to payments on-the-go, from traditional eCommerce to a new generation of in-app payments, tokenization makes paying with the devices easier and safer than ever.

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